Chloe Scott is ‘Hitting the Dong Bong’ with Innocent High

March 9, 2017 – Hollywood, CA – Newcomer Chloe Scott is ‘Hitting the Dong Bong’ in a new scene from, which is part of the Team Skeet network of websites.

Chloe Scott is 'Hitting the Dong Bong' with Innocent High

Chloe just started smoking weed, and thought it would be a swell idea to hit her new bong behind the cafeteria dumpsters. One hit led to another, and before you know it a hazy green cloud covered the entire school. One of her teachers was walking by, noticed the stench, and caught Chloe toking up. She was taken back to his classroom and expected a harsh talking to. Turns out her teacher was a late-night smoker, and decided to give her a lesson on smoking. Turns out hitting a bong is a lot like sucking a dong. You just have to breathe deep, fill your lungs, hold it, and breath out. Chloe was forever grateful, and since teacher taught her how to hit the dong bong, she can now teach him how to hit her tight pussy :). She prefers it cock first while she cowgirls on the desk, but loves it when you spread her doggy just as much. The sex was so good, Chloe questioned whether it was the dank herbs, or teachers dank dick? The proof is in the cum shot!

“This was my first shoot for Team Skeet and I loved it. He was one of my favorite directors so far. The whole team was really good to me. They knew I was new and really went out of their way to make me feel comfortable,” said Chloe Scott about her time on the set.

Chloe Scott is 'Hitting the Dong Bong' with Innocent High

The scene is now available for download at You can watch the trailer at

Scott also recently appeared on “Inside the Industry” on LA Talk Radio with fellow porn starlets Whitney Wright and Kylie Hough.

You can follow Chloe Scott on twitter @TheChloeScott. Producers and directors interested in working with her can book her through Now a full time resident of Los Angeles, she is available for B/G, G/G, B/B/G, B/G/G, Deep throat and more.

About Chloe Scott:  18-year-old cutie, Chloe Scott was born in Germany but raised in Virginia which is where she has lived for all her life, until moving to LA to pursue a career in porn just a few months ago. You can follow her on twitter @TheChloeScott. You can also visit her official website at

Chloe Scott is 'Hitting the Dong Bong' with Innocent High


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